What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: Are you the Fuji marketing department?

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The point is to enjoy the benefits of a rangefinder-like viewfinder :

- brightest optical viewfinder available now (no lag, yet not as dim as DSLRs VF in the dark).

- ability to see beyond the framelines.

- no viewfinder blackout.

These are all points you can't have with other types of viewfinders, so it still has a number competitive advantages that make it relevant even today.

Most of these advantages become useful, IMHO, mostly for street photography or associated genres.

I have three rangefinders. Each are coupled to the lens, or have a built-in lens. The X series has none of the benefits of manual focusing available in the OVF - which it could if it had an overlay option in the OVF alongside horizon, exposure, etc.

It's not that I'm unfamiliar with OVFs or rangefinder windows - everyone knows the benefits and disadvantages of those. It's that this is a HYBRID with functionality that could overlay part of the focus function of the EVF in manual mode in the OVF and it doesn't. It's been nearly two years that the X100 has been out and still, no hint of firmware to use what can be done.

It isn't coupling or triangulation, it's merely a window that previews focus for a specific area. It's been done since the early 2000's in EVF's of certain cameras. It can be done in the OVF. But it's not.

The thing is that other than that: image quality, handling, ergonomics, and the immediacy of having exposure and compensation plus threaded shutter release at your finger tips and having the settings known prior to turning on the camera - things every modern camera lacks - those things are what makes the Fuji special. But in order to make a perfect a camera with traditional, solid layout, you need to first make sure that all parts are in some sort of agreement. Currently, the OVF is too small and tunnel-vision like. It is less clear than the X100.

But even the X100's hybrid OVF lacks the basic abilities that all cameras it takes its looks from have. That is focusing via the lens and not the computer. Only the Contax G1 had computer focusing. Fuji tout the hybrid OVF but they are not using it to anywhere near its full and rightful ability.

Seriously. I think you may be expecting the camera to be something it is not. Enjoy your rangefinders. Also enjoy your non-rangefinders.


Please read again what I wrote. For the people who want to use adapted lenses, the camera is obviously problematic: EVF is too slow, low res, and again, tiny in comparison to almost any DSLR or rangefinder.

For X lenses, the OVF offers no way to manually focus a lens. There are plenty of times that manual focus is choice: macro, differential focus and exposure, bokeh erasure, etc. and so on. Often times I read here that people are so proud of the OVF, saying with pride they use it more often than the EVF. The EVF is pretty poor, I understand that. But quite simply, the OVF doesn't work for a large portion of photography, EVEN with the X lenses. That is why I have trouble with it. That is why I believe the HYBRID portion of the camera is a marketing gimmick. It simply doesn't make use of the body style, nor the advantages of a non TTL viewfinder at all.

Think Wide angle lenses, long lenses - lenses where you guess the framing but don't have to leave the OVF to make critical focus or changes to focus versus exposure. You can't do that even with X lenses. You have to rely on AF, hope it's right, and can't divorce AF from exposure areas without awkward button presses and recomposition.

That is what this thread is about, not about the poor sods with great lenses that can be used on a variety of cameras both film and digital who would really like to use the X series, but who have come from cameras with very good glass in the viewfinder/rangefinder window and how feel the X is just a toy with a vocal marketing department. That's me and a handful of others.

It's that the OVF isn't being used as it could be, AF, X lenses, or no.

Did you buy the camera? Are you happy with it? Are you interested in convincing people to be happy or unhappy? I hope you can answer no to all of the above.

I don't understand how folks can be upset or bothered by a particular product. I presume that we're all aware that the marketplace offers choice. I also presume that one considers the pluses/minuses of each choice before choosing/purchasing.

For example, me. I considered the alternatives. I even bought (and sold) a few. Much of what you stated above is obvious for anyone considering the X-mount. Wide angle and tele is for EVF only. (That is where my Canon kit comes in.) As for relying on AF, I started doing that 14 years ago. The gimmick OVF-EVF is something I find attractive. That being said, I will not buy any zooms, lenses wider than 28mm, or lenses longer than 85mm. Why? Because I like the OVF.


p.s. are you suggesting that you (and the handful) are Fuji's marketing department? I'm confused. (That last paragraph is a run-on sentence and apt to confuse a few.)

I've been re-reading my posts and I agree - my grammar is atrocious. Oh well. The reason I am vocal is that I would really like the X-Pro. It encompasses so much of what I like in a camera, but has some very serious faults. The X-E1 is, as said, probably the easiest thing to cope with because it lacks the thing that I really want to use: OVF. As you know from my posts, I think the OVF is worthless for my photography. That opinion is obviously a minority report.

As for the marketplace, there isn't really any choice as far as I'm concerned: shutter releases are non-standard, exposure is done on non-labeled dials, ditto exposure correction, remote control releases, etc. Fuji did so much right to the camera, I just feel that they skimped on the one feature they trumpet most: HYBRID OVF.

Had they marketed it as an OVF and had not said it does cool things, there'd be no reason to hope. But there there is, or has been. I had hoped that the HYBRID part of the OVF would really be used, but it isn't. That's it.

The lenses, bit I brought up as they came up in the thread. I really think they are great. I am amazed, actually at them. But they don't work for my photography and that is that.

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