Girl's Basketball--New Shooter here...Help and Comments please!

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Re: Girl's Basketball--New Shooter here...Help and Comments please!

Hello everyone,

I am continuing to shoot basketball shots.  I have tried to incorporate the recommendations of those who so graciously provided help and comments.  I have tried the aperture priority from 2.2 to 2.5, adjusting the exposure compensation to +3.0, even bumped the shutter speed up to 640 and 800, and Iso from 1600 to 6400.  I have also shot manual with settings around the same area (but there is no exposure compensation setting in manual).  I have found that any ISO above 3200 is too noisy and 3200 is even marginal.  Keep in mind that I don't have any photo processing software other an iPhoto for my Mac.  Trying to adjust the noise with iPhoto is not giving me the results I want.  I am also missing some great shots that are out of focus.  I am shooting with the 50mm Minolta 1.7.  These pics were just downloaded from Facebook, I don't have the originals with me today showing the data, but maybe this will give you an idea of the results I'm getting.  These photos were adjusted (to the best of my ability) in iPhoto.  I did see someone's elses basketball shots that were shot at 8000 ISO.  I haven't shot in raw yet, since I don't have software yet, and I'm trying to nail down getting good shots first.

So I guess my question is...where do I go from here?  I am not opposed to buying a new lens, but just can't figure out which one (and don't want to spend $2000)...Sigma 85mm?  (I've read that the depth of field can be a real issue when shooting sports on that). I've looked everywhere for the older Sigma 50-150 2.8 but cannot find one.  But I'm not sure that I can shoot these pics at 2.8.  I haven't been able to bump my aperture to 2.8 on the shots I'm taking now without it being too dark.  Or should I start with getting some photo editing software?  If so, what would be recommended for a Mac?  Should I buy photo processing or noise reduction software first?  And how high of an ISO is realistic and can be processed away?

So should I start by buying a different lens with faster autofocus?  Or photo software, and if so which one and high high can I go on ISO?  My daughter has been pulled up to varsity team as a sophomore, so I am even more anxious to get great shots!  Thanks so much!

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