Object size appearence at the lateral extreme of an image area

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Re: It depends

pablitch wrote:

To explore this a bit further, what if the camera was pointed at a group of people waiting at a crosswalk, and the people crossed from right to left, with the left side of the crosswalk being near the left edge of the field of view for the camera's position. (all other things being equal, basically the people moved from a point at the direct center of the camera along the same horizontal plane, to a more distant point to the left extreme of the camera field of view).

The people would be at a greater distance from the camera (lens/sensor), so wouldn't the people appear to be smaller (at least shorter in height?) in the camera image?


I find the introduction of people who may be moving an unnecessary complication. The ideas are really to do with geometry, and the principles are not directly affected by subject motion, but it makes it more difficult to understand the question.

I'm not clear on the alignments here. Where is the camera position. In which direction is it aimed? Where are the people positioned? Are they in a straight line? What is the direction of the line (if indeed it is a line) relative to the direction in which the camera is aimed?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

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