What if X-S1 release PRO version?

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AdamT wrote:

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AdamT wrote:

The Existing XS1 was vastly overpriced (and still is now by over £100 in my book), when it dies , I`m pretty sure it`ll be dead for good - the end of the S9000 concept (the first of the series) .

Till said that the X-S1 would be a bargain even if priced at 1000 British pounds.

I`m not sure I`d pay £150 for one Brand new - I was finished with 6Mp cameras years ago, there`s just no cropping space. I`d give £100 for a mint boxed used one for Curiosity`s sake andf only then if it had the Lens/sensor replacement mod done...

Price evaluation is relative and subjective.  If you find a brand new one for that price I'm sure Paul T. will buy it.  Under the right condtions where you would expect to use DR100 anyway, there is nothing wrong with the 12mp HR mode when when using the newer sensor/lens units.  So yes, some cropping capability is still available. Just blindy labeling all the X-S1's as 6mp cameras in kind of disingenuous.  If you ever decide to try one with a 23 or later serial number to assure yourself of the new sensor/lens, you might find you like it more than you think.  Kind of like back in the day when your original assessment of the s100fs was over priced with damaged IQ because of purple fringe.  Later when you finally tried a few used ones for a cheaper price, your opinion changed to the more positive.  Isn't that ironic the same product suddenly gets better when its cheaper.  Its all relative and subjective.

used XS1/X10s are a very dodgy thing thanks to Fuji not swapping faulty sensors & lenses anymore unless in Warranty.

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