Please help me decide on a new camera......

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Please help me decide on a new camera......

I am thinking about getting a new camera, but am having really tough time making up my mind.  I currently have a Canon S95 which I plan to keep and a Kodak Z612 bridge camera that I intend to replace.  I have been all over the place with ideas of what I want.  I do want to move up and take much higher quality pictures with a flexible platform. Here’s where I stand.

I’ve pretty much ruled out DSLR’s due to price and size, especially if packing around extra lenses, though I have considered the Canon T3 and Nikon D3200, each with two kit lenses - short zoom and longer zoom.

Nikon J1:

Disadvantages - toy-like feel and very limited manual control options, no hot shoe, no EVF, no customizable settings.

Advantages –Small size, some cool features like extremely fast burst mode, reasonably priced.

Fujifilm HS30EXR bridge:

Disadvantages – As big as a DSLR, with a small ½ sensor (smaller than the sensor in my S95), many view this as a “toy camera”, EXR processor creates some serious limitations with fast shutter in bright sunlight

Advantages – Long reach zoom, hot shoe and EVF (even though some users don’t like it), all-in-one design, manual zoom, great ultra macro, tilt screen, low price


Disadvantages – More expensive, no hot shoe, no EVF, slowest burst mode of these choices,

Advantages – 4/3 sensor, 920p touchscreen, manual zoom (with the manual lens), more manual control and customization than the J1, small size but doesn’t feel as toy-like as the Nikon J1.

As of this moment I am leaning towards the Lumix DMC-GF5KK even though it’s at the upper end of what I want to spend.  What are your thoughts please?

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