Closest Sony to A65 ???

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why are you asking this? What's wrong with the A77?

I agree 24M sensor on 65/77 may show your lens' true quality, I am in the process of upgrading (or consolidating since I already have a few lenses on my A33) since I just got A65. But these might not be a bad thing so I would know what lenses to keep. The GPS is fairly useful if you are a outdoor photagrapher - indoor GPS signal is a hit or miss (not as good as a true GPS) for reception.

The A65/77 viewfinder is addictable, for me was the main reason I "upgrade".

Yes I tried A57, but I don't think it is a replacement of A65 even it is newer. On the other hand, I clearly see big improvement in picture quality when I use A65 with my good lenses.

By the way, I am buying some bigger and faster SD cards so I don't feel the lag on A65 due to the mediocre SD cards I have. 60P 1080P video is miles better than 1080i on A65, but I think A57 also has the 50/60P.

To me still, I don't think there is anything equals A65 on perfromance and value. I paid same as an A57 on my A65 during holiday sales.

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