How to delete a photo from Forum?

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Re: Think again

quadrox wrote:

Doesn't mean it isn't copyright infringement. Just because everyone does something, does not necessarily make it right.

Just because you don't like it doesn't make it copyright infringement.  It could fall under either "fair use" or implied consent.

Copying and using alone is not copyright infringement.

It is when it is done without permission (since using in this context actually means distributing). Most definitely and absolutely. ALWAYS.

Not ALWAYS (see "fair use".) And permission is a tricky concept when publishing on the internet; by publishing an unrestricted URI you have implicitly granted permission for others to make a copy of your image for viewing.

Yes, when I upload an image to a image hosting site, I agree that THAT site has permission to do this. If I post a link to an image, but never upload the image myself, this is not true. A link is a link, and image is an image.

It's your duty as the copyright holder to understand what each "publish" action actually does.

Irrelevant and not my problem. If I do not upload my image to dpreview, dpreview has no f***ing busines making a copy. NONE.

By "posting a link" you may be uploading the image.  Even if you write the html/js yourself, you really do not know what a particular implementation does for a given action except by testing.

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