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Re: m43 generally better than APS-C DSLRs

Jim Seach wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

Nikon and Canon have very poor choices for APS-C lenses. If you want to use fast prime lenses, you need to upgrade to full frame.

Actually, my Nikon full frame 85 1.4 worked just fine on my APS-C D-100. In fact, of my 7 lenses only one was an APS-C lens. In any case, I got rid of the lot and got an E-M5 and a 12-35 f/2.8.

Right, though I think what (s)he was getting at is that neither have a huge collection of dedicated crop sensor lenses (DX/EF-S).  This is a bigger problem at the wide end where, for instance, Canon really has only a single OEM solution (10-22, 16-35 equiv).  I don't know what Nikon's DX offerings are.

With few exceptions, the high end lens lineup for Canikon is designed with full-frame in mind.  Sure I could use my 24-70L on my 550D, but it gave me a very different FOV that it was originally designed for (38-112 equiv).

In the end, it's not a huge deal, but now that I'm on m4/3 it's refreshing to have the lenses designed specifically for the sensor's crop factor.  The OCD me likes that there's a 12-35 and 35-100 which are exact equivalents of their bigger FF cousins for Canon and Nikon.  

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