Olympus stylus with 5-axis IBIS: away with OMD hump?

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Re: Olympus stylus with 5-axis IBIS: away with OMD hump?

amvrvd wrote:

I can't understand why people still reject the notion that there can be TWO distinct lines without any conflict. It's just form styles, why do people get so worked up when presented with the idea of a Pen with OMD features, your OMD won't depreciate in value (if you're into that, m4/3 was a bad choice anyway, better go for leica) nor will it stop working. The OMD is nothing but an updated PEN with a hump, there's nothing that make it special besides the SLR style, Olympus could've made a TLR styled m4/3 camera for all we care and the technology could still be implemented in any other type of body.

Upgrading the PEN line with OMD innards isn't going to conflict with the OMD line, or its sales for that matter. Different body types for different users, if anything, a EVF equipped PEN with 5 axis IBIS will only serve to capture that market segment that Fuji and Sony have been feeding on, that the OMD just doesn't attract: RF style groupies.

An E-P5 will not eat OMD sales, it will only expand Olympus market reach. The OMD line is clearly tailored towards 4/3 compatibility, with its modular ethos it's clearly meant to accomodate for use of bigger lenses yet compact enough to work wonderfully with small primes, you can go as big as a 4/3 DSLR set-up or small as a pancake lens street shooting combo, that's the whole beauty of it, at least that's my take on this whole thing, with one single drawback that ruins the experience: The Hump.

Thankfully that's just and style choice (IBIS sensor can be accommodated elsewhere as proven by this P&S, just make tall body, like a PL1 sized PEN and you'll have plenty of room).

I don't understand why you think I'm against an upgraded PEN camera line...

I don't see ANY problems with Olympus upgrading their PEN serie, none at all, to the contrary, I was pointing to the OP that instead of trying to modify the OMD serie he should rather ask Olympus to improve the PEN's…

As I said, ergonomics is a very personal perception, and, for me, the OMD (and the likes of it) is the form factor I prefer, I tried several other M4/3 including PEN's, Lumix GX1, even tried Sony NEX serie, Fuji X-100 and X Pro-1 only to realize that I didn't like their handling regardless of their aesthetics (which I like by the way), the OP statement is more in line with a wish to remove the hump from the OMD serie and that is something I don't personally want, because it would modify the whole ergonomics of the camera body, not because it would "depreciate" my OMD, but rather that I don't like the ergonomics of the rangefinder camera type.

And you must understand that behind the "style choice" as you put it, there's the whole handling conundrum, it's not just how the camera looks, but how it feels in YOUR hands... So, I really am glad that there IS two M4/3 camera lines at Olympus, because if they only had the PEN's I would not have bought an Olympus...

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