Blasphemy Alert : What difference would Leica make for me??

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Blasphemy Alert : What difference would Leica make for me??

OK, this came up in another thread in which I showed street shots NOT made with Leica. Here:

Threadstarter post with images:

My reply to someone who said "Leica would open up new possibilities" :

But then I figured that this question (asked in earnest) would deserve a separate discussion.

So here is the question : what exactly would Leica have to offer to me.

The background is that I am an enthusiast and semi-pro, who has shot for years with Olympus cameras (all digital SLR top tier models) and lenses (a lot of them). And since last summer, I also enjoy using an E-M5 (microFT camera with built-in EVF), that I use mostly with a few µFT lenses but also with my Olympus FT lenses (via adapter).

My main experience with Leica(-branded) gear, is with the GREAT 25mm F1.4 in FourThirds.

And I keep hearing that an M-camera would really suit my shooting style and habits, but is that really the case? I kindly invite you to try and convince me with rational arguments.

Please bear in mind that I have already made the following considerations.


Sure, Leica cameras and lenses are beautiful objects of art and craft, solid and well made.

And they have a great heritage and a certain status.

But I don't buy cameras as fashion statement or status symbol, so that (alone) does not convince me, especially not with that price tag.


Sure, Leica cameras have a few technical and operational strong points, but I feel like I have most of those bases covered in my current setup.

When I think of Leica, I think of:

* high quality fast lenses : I have a few of those (at a more human price) for my Oly cameras, including the 25mm F1.4 (Pany)Leica : great lens, btw

* smaller form factor : this was an issue when compared to my SLRs, but much less so with the smaller microFT camera

* silent shutter : again for this point, the E-M5 delivers a quiet experience

* general rangefinder experience in the sense of that you see a little more than what you will capture, and the view is uninterrupted : well, this is true, but in street circumstances I have my right eye on the viewfinder while my left eye is open for environment awareness.

So PLEASE TELL ME : what else would Leica bring to the table for me personally?

Or in other words : what is it (concrete aspects, not just immaterial values like brand and heritage) that makes you prefer Leica over other brands?

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Roel Hendrickx
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my E-3 user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

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