What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

TitusXIII wrote:

shigzeo ? wrote:

Why is there a camera that looks like a rangefinder with a glass eye that doesn't allow focusing of a lens manually through that bit of glass? The information about the split image in the new 100s was fun until it seemed it only works in the EVF or the LCD.

In order for the OVF to focus like a real RF the lens would have to be mechanically coupled to the camera's focusing mechanism and it would require the addition of the rotating prism/semi transparent mirror window (that second window on a RF camera).

Only the Leicas do.

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I'm not interested in mechanical coupling, merely the ability to show focus in the OVF. It is a HYBRID viewfinder with overlay information from the EVF possible. The EVF can focus. A portion of the EVF just for focusing could be overlaid onto the OVF so that the OVF could still be used as a focusing mechanism.

That is why I don't understand what the use of the HYBRID portion is if all it does is show horizon, exposure, and a few other things. They could be done below or above with a little squinting. Fuji have squandered what should be the most precious commodity in the X100 and X-Pro.

HYBRID with dull, obtrusive information is a poor substitute for one that could be used to take photos in the traditional way of shooting.

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