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Photozopia wrote:

Ryan Williams wrote:

Are you sure about this? I've seen accusations of people using pseudonyms thrown around on DPR a number of times now (not sure if by you) even though to my mind there's no real reason to think as such.

Yes - well documented fact - quick Google search will probably throw up results. Search DPR archive - can't remember all his aliases, but quite a few. In fact done it already for you ... top Google result for the term 'huff dpr aliases' : ... "The many aliases of Steve Huff"

I certainly remember it well - despite the recent date on my current profile (due to an unrecognised p/word - from years ago - meaning I'd need to re-register) I've actually been around here far longer than many others ... many who still think me a noob.

Read the threads by him if you have time - makes rattymouse look like Cinderella (that's no offence intended to ratty!) Certainly not the little media friendly 'darling' he claims to be now ... and his own personal vitriol to me in email form when he 'banned' me (simply for suggesting his blog was worse than Rockwell) suggests he'd lost none of that vicious nature when someone calls him out over his outlandish claims.

Wow.  I had so little respect for Steve Huff before as both a photographer and a reviewer, but now, I rate him 2 levels below Rockwell, and 1 level below my turds.

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