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Ray Sachs wrote:

hexxthalion wrote:

sounds a bit strange from somebody who praises Leica which has no AF at all, does it not? I have both X100 and X-Pro1 and I really don't have problems with AF. You buy cameras for intended use, I'm sure if I was to shoot football/basketball/F1/whatever I'd pick D3S/D4 and no mirrorless camera. And quite frankly I can't understand (from his shots) how he couldn't get Fujis to AF - seriously.

True, but in fairness, he's also highly critical of the Fuji's manual focus, but IIRC, kinds of let's them off the hook as cameras that really don't emphasize manual focus, so he didn't hit too hard on that. But then concludes that if they're supposed to be AF-centric cameras, the AF wasn't up to the task. I'm not a particular fan of the guy - I was merely saying that I can understand his enthusiasm for the AF in the X100s I given his level of dissatisfaction with the earlier cams AF.


No worries I'm fan of no brand (been through few nikons, canons, olys and so on) and am critical of MF implementation on the 23mm lens used on X100. MF on 35mm XF lens is usable in my opinion, sure it doesn't work like normal mechanical MF but neither does Canon's 85mm f/1.2 for that matter.

What I didn't understand was his drivel over AF which isn't that bad and several ppl have pointed that to him. It looked like he had to bring that again and again and sometimes I just couldn't understand why is it so important to him to always repeat himself. NEX7 has in my opinion very similar AF performance to X-Pro1 but yet, he never trashed NEX7 for its AF performance.

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