Closest Sony to A65 ???

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Re: Why are you asking this? What's wrong with the A77?

Jack R. Grouell wrote:

Not really necessary for you to know - but I am looking for a camera for someonw who is interested in moving up from an A300, likes the size and weight of the A65, doesn''t want to spend big $, might occassionally want to use my A65 wothout having to go thru a relearning experience, Does not do a lot of large immage processing but does do post processing and wants to do more than just snapshots. I'll get an A65 if an excelent one shows up on the used market but want to know what else should be considered.

I have both but shortly after I got an a57 to back up a year-old a65, I realized that I liked the a57 better. Not sure if my opinions are borne out by techie tests but: 1) high ISO performance is better, 2) audio capture with the onoard mike is much better, 3) absence of "square pixelation" on some shots at ISO800 or higher (could be just my a65 is a lemon, 4) camera shake is less visible on any lower resolution camera, 5) any lens imperfection is not as obvious on the a57, 6) a57 is way cheaper!

I don't need GPS and as for the inferior EVF on the a57, I find that I can do a quick mental extrapolation to "see" what the real scene is. Besides, I now use the LCD monitor about 65% of the time.

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