The coming OM-D "pro" wish list

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jouko Senior Member • Posts: 1,428
How about...

a body-based, independently for each lens adjustable and programable focus zones/limiters?

Like if you have a 17mm f1.8 and usually use it for landscape night photography, but sometimes do close-ups:

Limits 1. 0.25m lock, 2. 0.25m-1m , 3. 1-infiity, 4. all, 5 infinity

And for birdies the 75-300

1. 0.9 - 2m, 2. 1,5-10m 3. 5-50m 4. all, 5 infinity

Or whatever you want.

Also, from the old OM4, the multi-spot metering would be nice. You know, it had 8 points memory and markings in viewfinder - dark and light zones easily and well shown.

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