Getting lots of wierd looks and attention from taking pics in public

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Re: Its a serious problem

corneaboy wrote:

Unfortunately, in the US, and I assume other places, many people do not want their photo taken for various reasons. . .

You are within your legal rights to take photos of people in public places, but few shots are worth antagonizing someone and causing a fight and possible damage to your equipment.

I'm not so sure it's even unfortunate; from books, articles, lectures in a psychology class, and personal experience, it simply appears to be a fact that most people don't like having their picture taken, especially when it's unexpected, unasked-for, and by people they don't know.  As much as I enjoy photography, I understand and support people's desire not to be the unwilling subjects of other people's photographic hobby just because they happen to be in public.  I can't think of any reasonable legal recourse to put in place to protect the public from cameras, nor do I understand the desire to take pictures of strangers (the very concept of so-called "street photography" just seems weird to me), but it's nice to see that some, like you, are willing to respect people's discomfort.

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