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Re: All DP cameras have focus limit option

Johan Borg wrote:

PrebenR wrote:

PrebenR wrote:

Johan Borg wrote:

My DP2 does as you describe, on my DP2M the up arrow is a simple toggle between manual and auto focus, the limiter switch is in the menu. Unless there's another menu item to change that behavior...

There is.

On my DP1M and DP2M I can set in the menu to include limited focus when pressing the up arrow. So I think you should have another look at your menu I can check my camera later where the option was as I don't recall now.

The option is in the menu under the last blue menu page. The menu item is "AF limit Mode". Turn that On and you will have AF, AF Limit and MF when pressing the Up arrow.

Aha! Thanks, Preben! Must have been the first thing I turned off, focus speed is fine anyway for my needs.

I tink it is off by default actually. I had it on for some time, but I also turned it off.  Mainly because I almost never use the limited mode and because sometimes I had chosen this by mistake and struggled to focus close up before realising. But I guess it is more useful on the DP1M for landscape work or DP2M for street photography.

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