Nikon tacky advertising in canada

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Re: We get similar tacky stuff here as well ;-)

jim stirling wrote:

The best FF cameras still hold a two stop advanatge over mFT ,

Not from what I've been reading. Two stops would be the theoretical value, and human engineering rarely gets to the theoretical value of anything.

One or perhaps a bit better stops, not two, comparing D800 with the E-M5. In sharpness FF is about 1.4x M43, with best lenses on best bodies compared, and significantly less than the 2x theoretical value.

FF is better, definitely. However using FF does not necessarily define the photographer in any way other than perhaps they have access to the gear either through personal wealth, enthusiastic spending, or work. It also might indicate considerable arm and back strength and perhaps hard work through a good fitness programme resulting in good physical stamina. Most of these are very nice and desirable mate choosing indicators I must say. Would this be a factor motivating FF antagonists in forums like this?

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