How to delete a photo from Forum?

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Re: How to delete a photo from Forum?

apaflo wrote:

Go to this post. The first image is uploaded from my computer. The second is on Zenfolio. The first shows a DPR link, the second still shows a Zenfolio link.

That article has two embedded images. The images that you see actually in the message are served directly from the DPR forum server (and are sized at 560x373 and 560x374 pixels, respectively).

The link you can see for the embedded image is a DPR link, with the interesting characteristic of having the original source link embedded. That is how they can also provide a clicky button for "original size".If you click on the "original size" button beneath the embedded image your browser will be sent to the original link to show a full sized original image (which are 600x400 and 580x387 respectively).

Hence, it is very clear that the embedded image in a forum message is not a link, but rather an image from the forum servers. The "original size" button in indeed a link (and therefore might not point to the same image as the one that is embedded!).

Now I get it,  the viewable, embedded resized image is an image from the forum servers, but when you click on the image it takes you back to the source.

At least that was made very clear to me while using the ipad last night. On the Windows machine, I'm using now, the link appears as:


Other than deleting the source, you can still edit a post (within allowable time limits) with an image and remove its reference from anywhere in the post, which is what I think we started talking about in the first place.  

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