Does such a thing exist: Non-twist camera plate for quick release systems.?

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Re: It exists but not how you want

Leonard Migliore wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

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Manfrotto makes anti-twist plates for their RC2 and RC0 quick release systems:

Hi, thanks for that.

But unless I am missing something, looking at the images (Manfrotto don't tend to describe their products very well anyway), I don't see the mechanism that prevents those plates twisting under the camera body.

I can see how they won't twist in relation to the receiving grip/base unit on the tripod head but I just don't see what it is that prevents the cameras twisting once the camera is mounted on the tripod head.

For example, when my camera is tilted to portrait mode I often find that my camera has twisted and I have to re-aligned and re-tighten the camera quick-release plate at the base of my camera; there is never a problem of the camera + plate combo twisting in relation to receiving grip on the tripod head though because the grips are designed to avoid that issue.

You're trying to reconcile two incompatible requirements. For a plate not to twist around the tripod screw, it must glom on to some feature on the camera. But if the plate is to be universal, it can't rely on the camera's shape. I guess there are a couple of adapters that drive a screw into the camera base but that's sort of damaging.

I use a Kirk L-bracket which is designed specifically for my D300. This absolutely doesn't twist and also lets me switch to portrait mode just by resetting the camera on the ball head's clamp. You would probably be quite happy with an L-bracket.


Thanks VERY much for your input. You are partially correct, my requirement for a universal non-twist plate is almost silly. However, I have just got off of eBay and I have found some, well, in fact, just one or two Arca Swiss compatible universal plates.

They have a lip on one edge of the plate and the plate can be slid backwards and forwards in relation to the position of the screw so that one can position the lip so that it connects with the edge of the camera body and thereby reduce the twisting.

Only damn thing with these Arca Swiss systems is they are so expensive. But I guess, in the long run they work out cheaper than messing up an image.


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