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Re: Accuracy...

Maybe it is not what we, NEX users, would have hoped for. At least not yet, but in my experience there is definitely an improvement in good light shooting moving objects coming or going away from you.

I first bought a 5n but returned it because of the overheating and clicking issues. I bought the NEX 6 because it doesn't have these problems, because of the flash and viewfinder, pancake 1650 and price difference with NEX 7. PDAF/Wifi/Apps were  a nice to have but not the main factor. So my expectations were different. There is a lot room for improvement but I would not say it doesn't serve any purpose at all.

My typical test case is shooting my kids on a swing trying also to get some short of subject isolation. This I could not do with the 5n in AF. I also tried an Olympus Em5 for some days. The keepers were very, very low if any at all with AF.I  could do better with the 5n in MF.  With the NEX 6 and 1650 or 55210 I get quite a few keepers when C-AF with PDAF is on.

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