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hexxthalion wrote:

Photozopia wrote:

Considering the lengthy hatchet job he did on the original - mainly AF issues - only to recant when it proved an industry 'darling' amongst better, more renowned, reviewers - I'll pass on his opinions.

My (most recent) claim to fame is that the Huff banned me from his site when I suggested the X100 was far too complex a tool for his abilities ... and that it was he, not the camera, that failed to deliver the goods!

I do remember that one I think the problem was that he fell in love with OMD, we both very well remember his 'crazy comparisons' where he used different settings on camera just to show how OMD is better than anything else.

I think he retracted quite a few remarks he's said after he handled fully updated X100, he still hates X-Pro1 though.

Seriously? The X100 had been around for a year before the OMD hit the stores. I don't recall any such comparisons between them. He did something with a bunch of cameras, including the X-Pro, Nex 7, OMD, Nikon 1, and maybe a couple others. And, yeah, he always criticized the X-Pro for its AF. Which was a legitimate comparison. I was always OK with the X-Pro AF, but I mostly use the 18mm lens, which is pretty quick compared to either of the other two. But its not anywhere near as fast or sure as the OMD or the Nikon 1 series - I haven't used a Nex since the Nex 5, so I don't have any personal experience with the Nex 7 to comment on it. He always had plenty of praise for the X-Pro on IQ and other features, but the AF was a deal-breaker for him. As it was for a lot of people. I don't think he's wrong in his opinions - he just weights the importance of AF speed more highly than most who ended up with the Fuji cams. And if that was his primary issue with the X-Pro and/or X100 but otherwise liked the cameras, it makes sense he'd be excited at radically improved AF performance...


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