Can Sony E-mount be used with Full frame sensor?

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Re: Can Sony E-mount be used with Full frame sensor?

Keit ll wrote:

Anyone who anticipates that they may move to a FF NEX if & when it appears would do well to seriously consider whether it is sensble to buy APS-C half frame lenses for current NEX bodies. Some users may have both types but at the moment without any reliable information what will happen is anyones guess.

I have compromised for the moment by having the two cheap Sigmas & by using A mount lenses via an LA EA2 adapter. However the lack of IBIS seriously affects image stability in poor low light & if any new Sony FF NEX does not have IBIS I will not buy it & will look elsewhere.

I could abandon Sony entirely or cut my losses & move to another maker , probably Fuji or Samsung but that would depend on the moves they make. The other alternative would be to wait & see if Somy produce a small lightweight FF DSLR at an affordable price.

The only problem is that I might be dead before this happens. Sony still seem to be dithering over which direction to take & the release of the A99 at an unrealistic price does absolutely nothing to boost my levels of confidence in Sonys plans or marketing strategy.

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Keith C

OK, so you're going to wait the entire year whinging about Sony not releasing a small, lightweight FF camera with IBIS at an affordable price. A camera, by the way, that nobody else is making either.

If you're suffering without stabilization, just pony up for an e-mount lens or two and enjoy life?

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