105/2.8G or 60/2.8G Macro lens?

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Re: 105/2.8G or 60/2.8G Macro lens?

If I where in you position I would really look at what I already have and try and guess what would fill the most gap or such.

For me, my 105mm is quite often used instead of my 70-200, if I don't wanna carry a bigger bag.

I actually don't use it very much as a macro lens. its role for me is more like a lightweight minitele.

Many say its a great portrait lens, I don't think so. The only times I used this for portraits have been if I wanted a all close up face filling the whole picture (very rarely). I find a 85mm to be much better at close ups, but I really prefer 50mm for portraits personally.

I don't currently have a 60mm macro as the 50mm 1.2 Ais is filling all my needs in that FL. But in the passed I had a 55mm Canon. I quite often got home from work and realized a done a whole days job only with lens.

So I guess my advise is. look at what you have, if you don't already own a 50mm the 60mm might be the one to go with. If you have no other tele the 105 might work for you?

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