Noise in FZ200 Pictures, how bad is it?

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Re: Noise in FZ200 Pictures, how bad is it?

Raj00011 wrote:

Edlolim wrote:

Hi all, FZ200 is a good camera overall but it's ISO is... "isorbitant" :-D; although most users are getting around this shortcoming or accepting it just fine, but it's a factual fact

Panasonic Can. will have a look on mine to see if it can be 'improved'.



True.. Overall a good camera for outdoor shooting. But there are Cheaper alternatives from competition which can beat this in lower light and hi ISO + in good lighting you get much higher zoom than FZ. No need to use or spend extra $400 to buy telezoom adapters.

Whats the point having f2.8 ? - fast shutter helps pic quality during low light.
But here - Competition can ramp up ISO much higher and still acheive better pic quality than FZ.
+ Competion updates regularly and fix existing problems. With FZ you are stuck with no updates.

1 more example.. Cannon on ISO 5000 (even at 6400) can easily beat FZ ISO less than 2000. On this pic Canon's Shutter speed is faster than FZ200.


With all due respect, you're posting FZ200 108mm with in-camera digital zoom to get the images to the same magnification as the Canon's 215mm, and the digital zoom gives you the same garbage as it did the last time you did it and made the same comment (see below). I thought you then understood what you were doing, but clearly the message never sunk in. If you make a bad comparison, you get a bad result. No surprise.


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