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Re: Question for street photographers

These may sound like cliches, but I find them useful.

1. Be honest about your intentions. In some countries people get a bit nervous when they spot a "photographer" (someone holding a camera with a viewfinder and large lens), so it's only fair that you do not try to conceal your camera. If someone does not wish to be photographed they will indicate it.

2. After taking your shot engage your subject. You don't have to converse, but a smile communicating your gratitude can go a long way. If confronted, invite your subject to enter your online gallery or show them the picture you just took and offer to email it to them. If they insist that you delete their image just do it.

3. Do not enter your subject's intimate space. Shooting someone in public from a distance less than 2.5 meters away is a bit too close, I feel.

4. If you feel uncomfortable taking photos in a certain situation just don't. Chances are the images won't be very good if you don't put your heart to it.

5. Shooting in a voyeuristic style using a telephoto lens will fail to produce the engaging, involved "look" you are probably after. You may come up with some interesting candid portraits, though.

6. Choose a location and timing where people will be mindful of something. A busy market, a sporting event or a sunny Sunday in the park are full of interesting opportunities.

7. Before you go out to shoot try to think of a theme you want to follow. It will make your shooting more focused and you will notice things more readily.

I hope it helps.

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