Tribute to M43 tread!

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Re: Tribute to M43 tread!

thankfully it isn't necessary to convince you on this issue. While the word "need" is rather difficult to define for something related to matters of taste so strongly as photography, I'd still say that other people know better what they "need" than you do (or as I do).

Take canon's 135 f2 lens for instance. With this thing you can take full body shots with very shallow DOF. This can hardly be achieved with ANY auto-focus mft lens.

Then the low light capabilities. OK, some mft cameras can produce nice images in low light, but the loss of detail in comparison to the best FF cameras is still pretty obvious.

Another thing is resolution. How can you say people don't "need" more resolution. Of course they do. It always depends on what purpose the image is made for. My brother for example is organizing company presentations at  fairs. For their billboard-sized product presentations they need images with more resolution than even a DSLR can offer. That's where medium format comes into play.

To say, there is no "need" for a FF DSLR is like saying there is no need for any other car than the toyota hi-ace. Yes, it  has four wheels and can get you from A to B, for sure. But that's not the end of it. If the passengers want more comfort, the cab driver "needs" something better, that's it.

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