Disappointed with K-30.

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Re: and there is the problem...

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

mike703 wrote:

The "don'ts" in the manual aren't about weather. They are about humidity, which the advertising doesn't talk about

Actually Gerry that's arguable. The document on the K30 web site ('overview of weather- and water-resistant cameras') states that in the K30 the seals provide a 'high level of protection against dust, moisture, rain and cold temperatures' - note, moisture is listed separate from rain - which can only mean humidity (unless you regard ice as 'moisture'). Any dictionary definition of moisture that I can find includes something about water vapour or humidity.

We're entering a semantic minefield now, Mike. Dictionaries don't really "define" words, they just record common meanings. I'm not sure that what you've found truly represents the difference between "moist" and "humid".

Humid means having H2O present as gaseous molecules; moist means having H2O present as aggregated particles - drops - of water. The seals under discussion here can prevent the passage of water but not of gaseous molecules: they are watertight (if not under pressure) but not gas tight.

The example of the 'trek into the wet rainforests of Belize' is the most misleading example... how can a tropical rainforest not include humidity? I gave up geography a long time ago but I recall that the defining characteristics of a tropical rainforest are water and heat, which most people would figure out equals high humidity. Are we to assume that a K30 + kit lens can only be used in a tropical rainforest as long as you don't do anything wildly irresponsible like rotate the zoom ring on the lens?

The crucial warning is about the effect of temperature change on humid air. Just using the camera there won't cause the condensation. Andrew has covered the common sense aspects of this.

What's wildly irresponsible isn't the way you use the gear; it's thinking that the gear can somehow overcome schoolboy physics.

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Gerry, you've pretty much nailed it.

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