How to delete a photo from Forum?

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Re: Think again

sjgcit wrote:

> Posting a link is not the same thing as giving permission to create a copy and distribute it

The internet doesn't do "I changed my mind".

Not relevant at all.

You post it, it exists in multiple copies all over the place.

Doesn't mean it isn't copyright infringement. Just because everyone does something, does not necessarily make it right.

Copies of entire websites are archived and maintained all over the place ( e.g. ).

If you publish it, it's there for ever.

That may be reality, but that doesn't make it right or the law.

Copyright infringement is use without permission.

The first correct and relevant thing you said.

Copying and using alone is not copyright infringement.

It is when it is done without permission (since using in this context actually means distributing). Most definitely and absolutely. ALWAYS.

I'd suggest you look very closely at the terms and conditions of image hosts and websites with public forums. Typically they allow the website you post to a limited right to copy and distribute for purposes of maintaining functionality and data integrity.

Yes, when I upload an image to a image hosting site, I agree that THAT site has permission to do this. If I post a link to an image, but never upload the image myself, this is not true. A link is a link, and image is an image.

If you're not happy with DPR's T&Cs then take the matter up directly with the editor or your legal council, because the moderators are just users who volunteer their time. We can't fix your issue.

I never claimed that this was something that has to do with moderators, this is a red herring.

The whole problem with allowing unlimited editing after the fact is simply illustrated.

Irrelevant and not my problem. If I do not upload my image to dpreview, dpreview has no f***ing busines making a copy. NONE.

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