Sony a900 compared to the a700

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A good link on the fact that FF is sharper than crop

tbcass wrote:

ken71 wrote:

I have read that the crop sensor is sharper than the full frame.

I don't know where you red that because it's not true!!!!! There are some indications that video from FF cameras is less sharp but since neither the A700 or 900 have video this is not an

I agree, the reverse is actually true!

For a given image viewing/printing size, FF will be sharper than crop because the optical image as captured by the sensor is 1.5 times less enlarged. The pressure on lens sharpness is thus much less. On the link above, the person compares FF with a cheapo Minolta (A900) against APS-C with an expensive Zeiss lens (A700). Result: even in the far corners, the FF combo trumps the crop combo.

I think what the OP read is that crop sensors are more pixel-dense, so they "reach" farther than FF in terms of details, with the same lens at the same focal position. This is true, but has not many practical implications except for telephoto-hungry applications, and has severe drawbacks like detail being buried in the increased noise of such sensors (think A77). In most other situations, the more relevant test is the one linked to above, and FF wins.

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