How well does the A99 work for sports photography

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Re: Assisted focus points is only a gimmick.

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

A99: 0.27, 0.36, 0.84

5D3: 0.37, 0.45, 0.96

D800: 0.43, 0.54, 0.89

Now, that doesn’t reflect tracking abilities. But can you point at a professional photographer who has used A99 with the right lens for AF-D, and returned disappointed? I can point at a few, who came away impressed and calling it “unreal”.

I have no experience with 5D3 but D800 is not a quick camera in Nikon line.

I am not sure which one in Sony line is "quick" - I have A99, A77, A900, Nex5, Nex 7. None of them is comparable with my D3s. Another reason is I do not have Sony's new 500mm lens and all my older teles and newer zomes such as 70-400 are not quick enough. The quickest are the medium ones like the CZ 24-70/2.8.

I am attacking Sony (hey, I have lots of its stuff). I wish it was better but it is not in my hand. Well, there are some action photographer (I guess) using Sony but most (nearly all) of those I know are using Canikon. So I do not who would be disappointed by Sony's speed.

I am actually pretty impressed by what people talk about PENTAX these days, I think it may be a more promising and more all round brand especially for those who have a tight budget.

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