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JeanPierre Martel wrote:

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JeanPierre Martel wrote:

"Street photography" is a specific photographic genre characterized by the use of wide-angle lenses (in order to isolate the subject from his/her environment), shots usually in black & white, and with a lot of contrast (with very deep shadows). In many cases, it seems to be a tribute to great photographers of the past who just had B&W films and poor resolution lenses...

You are probably writing the opposite of what you meant. You don't use a wide angle to isolate people from their environment. On the contrary, you use wide angle to portrait people in their environment using a wider angle of view and a deeper DOF. When you want to single people out of a crowd or of their background, you use a longer lens with a narrower angle of view and a shallower DOF.

No, I really mean it. Shalllow DOF is one way to isolate subjects.

Wide-angle lenses make wider the apparent distance between the subject and other people around him/her. Moreover, the nearer a person is, the taller that person looks.

On the contrary, when everything is in focus, telelenses make everything flat, as if everything was in the same pane.

OK, I see what you meant now, but I'd rather name this emphazising the subject (due to the strong perspective effect of wide angle). Isolating the subject from his background has an other meaning when used in the traditional sense of photography, as in cutting him out of the context, either by cropping (aka I using the narrower angle of view of a longer lens), or by blurring the background (implying a longer lens again).

While, on the contrary, one of the goal of street photography is to catch the behaviour of men in the streets context, in a public context. It isn't to isolate him of his environment, but to show him in the context of his time and of his culture. Isolating an individual from his context would results in a street portrait, rather than in a street photography.

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