Nikon tacky advertising in canada

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jim stirling
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Re: We get similar tacky stuff here as well ;-)

antoineb wrote:

Jon Stock wrote:

There was a 4 page insert in Canadian newspapers this week. They spent money on heavy paper and full color advertising but their marketing was tacky. In large print on the cover:



Who needs talent or artistic ability when you have Visa? LOL

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Hi Jon,

Nikon are doing something similar around here - all the talk is about FX. This is clearly, in their mind, the new marketing gimmick, they're hoping to lure enough existing APS-C DSLR owners to FX for all that this implies in higher margin on the camera, and future lens sales.

Most of the high end lenses are already FF so most serious users where probably already using these lenses anyway , the D600 weighs 760g compared to the D300s at 825g so the body is slightly lighter , even the D800 at 900g is only 75g heavier than the D300s .

It's the latest gimmick after years of the megapixel race.

When I see this, I am even more convinved that I'll never buy another DSLR, and certainly not FX. I don't want a camera that's even bigger and heavier and conspicuous, that requires even larger lenses, and that still can't AF precisely w/o needing adjustments and can't AF in contrast-detect faster than a 5 year old compact camera, and can't film with AF or capture stereo sound.

All systems have their pros and cons .If you need to fine tune your lens { i have only ever need to do it on one lens} it is a one time process. Just like tweaking yourin camera  settings to how you like them. For many users video is simply not an issue ,and live view AF is irrelevant to them. Though to be honest even with the pretty amazing [ for video} GH3 I prefer to use MF for video as it is smoother. mFT C-AF is dreadful in comparison to similarly priced DSLR's.

The best FF cameras still hold a two stop advanatge over mFT , and while FF cameras and lenses are obviously larger than mFT . There are many relatively lightweight primes in the FF systems , giving one an option for reasonably small kit . For me the best compromise is a system made up of FF {D800} and mFT {GH3's} getting the best of both worlds. My normal out an about kit for FF is the D800, 14-24, Sigma 35mm F1.4 and the 105mmVR macro. which covers a lot of ground { I am mostly using it for landscapes} with the DX mode you can still get 15mp files stretching the effective reach out to 150mm. This kit weighs in at just over 3kg using an excellent body and excellent lenses, no doubt mFT is lighter and smaller however if you honestly find a 3kg load to be "too heavy" it is time to visit the doctors.


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