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JamieTux wrote:

SlamdunK wrote:

please don't tell others their needs just because your are different. Yes m4/3rds is a great system but it doesn't meet everyone's needs and wants, some people need better low light performance, some people need more resolution, some want smaller and compact the list is endless............

Am I not allowed to have an opinion and express it? It is not like I am going to the other forums to gloat. And is it not part of the meaning of this forum to express your views, and discuss them? I respect that others may not agree on what I am saying, but honestly I believe very few really have a Professional need for FF compared to m43, on the contrary I belive many would benefit from using m43.

Hi Slamdunk - like others in this thread I admire your enthusiasm but you are definitely getting your facts and opinions confused, so here are some contradictions to your "facts".

Things like EVF With live view and exposure controll is defenetly the way to go forward. What you see is what you shoot. The size of the lenses makes it much more manageble, the quality of the lenses somtimes Equals the FF equalient etc.

Full frame cameras have live view with exposure control on the rear LCD (and I imagine EVF on the Sony A99 but I can't confirm that)

But the optical viefinders let you see more - live view blocks up shadows and clips highlights that just don't happen with an EVF - and they block up and clip before the sensor does. They can also add noise in dark situations - the other major difference to me is that with a full frame OVF I can manually focus lenses (including the f0.95 Noctilux when I had an M9) very accurately whilst still being able to see the whole image - the resolution of an EVF just does not allow that.

Also with a rangefinder like the M9 you can see what's happening outside the frame so you can wait to capture the shot more easily.

And another thing with an OVF vs an EVF - you do not have to play with settings (and still not get what you see is what you get) when you are shooting in studio with flash light.
I am not saying that there are not advantages to an EVF, just that it is not "better" than OVF for all people and all situations.

You also state that the quality of lenses sometimes equals the FF equivalent - this is true, but often there is not an equivalent or the FF version with the FF camera produces noticeably better images too - if that was not the case you would not have needed your sometimes statement!

I find it hard to fint an argument the other way expect for DOF, but that is also mostly possible with m43 trough the voigtlander lenses, telephoto, the coming 43mm f1.2, Olympus 75mm 1.8 etc.

As others have pointed out... AF tracking and intelligence is vastly superior at the moment on the best SLRs. So is available light shooting, my OMD sits between my 7D and 5D2 in terms of IQ (for my purposes) at higher ISOs - that's a great achievement - but as the 5D2 is a generation old and there was only one generation of affordable(ish) FF DLSR before it your next statement does not make sense to me.

The modern m43 sensor is better than the "proffesional" FF Sensors from few generations back. Offcourse the D800 makes fantastic Pictures, but so do m43.

Steve huff made a comparion of the Leica monochrome with the omd:

Does my eyes decieve me, or are the pictures hard to tell apart?

I looked on my mobile phone and could spot 4 straight away - I got all 6 when I actually looked - but that's a flawed comparison as per Steve's exclaimers all over the page, if they are close enough for you and what you want the images for then that's brilliant - but don't expect everyone to have the same needs and standards as you!

Anyway, keep up the enthusiasm I wish you great light!

Thanks for actuall replying with good points instead of going all out personal. When I used a DSLR i found that I really missed the EVF feedback, so thats where that was coming from. When you are used to that the OVF was not preffered by me. The LCD is not the same.

On the Steve Huff Pictures, I could also see the diferences on some of them, but would the cusotmer mind if only presented with the OMD result? I doubt it. Is the small increase in IQ worth the money? I doubt it for most.

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