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Ryan Williams
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Re: Huff n Puff - X100S

Photozopia wrote:

Obviously not aware of the antagonism he used to create here on DPR many years ago ... with his wild swings from brand X to brand Y and his preposterous claims about this and that feature (under numerous pseudonyms). Most people were glad to see the back of him and are happy he now seems to restrict himself to his own site (unless he still prowls these fora under new identities).

Are you sure about this? I've seen accusations of people using pseudonyms thrown around on DPR a number of times now (not sure if by you) even though to my mind there's no real reason to think as such.

Anyway, I don't hold grudges and judge people based on who they are today. I've followed Steve's site for some time and despite his obvious enthusiasm have no real issue with him. An overly passionate gearhead perhaps, but harmless enough — unless you get really offended by him making critical statements about a camera you like, but that's opinions for you.

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