Nikon tacky advertising in canada

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We get similar tacky stuff here as well ;-)

Jon Stock wrote:

There was a 4 page insert in Canadian newspapers this week. They spent money on heavy paper and full color advertising but their marketing was tacky. In large print on the cover:



Who needs talent or artistic ability when you have Visa? LOL

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Hi Jon,

Nikon are doing something similar around here - all the talk is about FX.  This is clearly, in their mind, the new marketing gimmick, they're hoping to lure enough existing APS-C DSLR owners to FX for all that this implies in higher margin on the camera, and future lens sales.

It's the latest gimmick after years of the megapixel race.

When I see this, I am even more convinved that I'll never buy another DSLR, and certainly not FX.  I don't want a camera that's even bigger and heavier and conspicuous, that requires even larger lenses, and that still can't AF precisely w/o needing adjustments and can't AF in contrast-detect faster than a 5 year old compact camera, and can't film with AF or capture stereo sound.

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