Tribute to M43 tread!

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SlamdunK wrote:

MatsP wrote:

SlamdunK wrote:

The reactions from many in this thread reminds me of Gandhi quote:

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

M43 just got its first win with the camera of the year award on dpreview over cameras like D800 or D5III. Its the first sign of a change in the market. Dont get me wrong, I understand that for some needs and pros, FF is still the best choice.

Offcourse in some years time also m43 will be replaced by something new.

What fight are you winning? Is this even a fight? If that's important to you: okay, you win. But I don't know what fight.

It is a fight for m43 Companies in a competetive marked. If you read this thread you could see the "fight" of opinions as well.

Camera makers may fight about market shares, but as a consumer I'm not fighting for any make, as a consumer you should on the opposite be notoriously untrue, forcing the makers to make their products better and better, to keep their market share.

Anyway, I voted for OM-D in the poll, but not because I believe it is the best camera, because it isn't, but because it was the most interesting new camera 2012, giving excellent IQ (still not best!) in a small and very versatile package.

Well the poll was about best camera of 2012. Size and versatility are attributes that makes a camera "best".

Still not the best for all purposes.

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