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Kim Letkeman
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yikes ...

SlamdunK wrote:

Seeing pictures on this forum, following other m43 forums and personal experience make me wonder why some people insist they need FF for proffesional use.

The fact is that if you cant manage with m43 and its fantastic lenses, you should question your own skills instead of the equipment.

Pretty tired platitude for the subject of a whole thread, don't you think?

The fact is that some people feel they need or want totally 100% reliable auto focus in almost any light. They need or want super fast shot to shot with visual tracking that does not miss. They want lightning fast AF of subjects coming at them. They want the equipment to resemble military grade. And they might even want the shallowest of DOF ...

I've shot the D700, the D300, the D7000, the D2Hs and four m4/3 Panny bodies including the G5. The difference is night and day. Were I a professional, I would be shooting a D600, D700 or D800, depending on what I was shooting.

But I am not so I shoot m4/3.

If you buy the fastest m43 lenses the dept of field is definetly small enough as well.

Definitely? Unequivocally? Statistically certain?

No, no, and no. Not because I don't agree that it is good enough for most of us most of the time, but because it is the height of bullsh.. to try and sell that as an axiom.

Needing a Leica or D800 is in my view nothing more than vanity.

That level of thinking should pass after middle school.

This recent tread with pictures from cuba is a good example: Do people really need a Leica Monochrome? No.

You're kidding me, right? I could have shot and processed a compact camera from any of 6 brands and achieved more or less the same image. That was a high contrast somewhat grainy B&W image. Very nice, but hardly an image by which m4/3 can declare total annihilation of the FF cameras.

Is m43 an excellent system?



Personally have also used it for sports, and don't have any problems at all at getting excellent pictures, even with my GF2.

Are you shooting snooker ?

Do you have backetball images at the professional level? Or some other fast moving sport?

Are you paid for your sports images?

Just curious ...

I am really happy I went with m43, so here I have started the tribute to M43 tread, lets hear your positives on the format!

I sold off all my Nikon equipment to go m4/3 and I have zero regrets. So I too am really happy.

But I am not quite willing to go all Rambo fan boy just yet

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