Retail Week report Jessops going into administration.

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Re: Retail Vultures

IrishhAndy wrote:

KieranGee wrote:

Matt Archer wrote:

Sorry to be a vulture, but is there likely to be any significant closing down sale, or will it be like Comet where their alleged 'fire storm sale' showed no bargains what so ever?

We aren't closing. Not yet. You are confusing administration with liquidation.

Who is going to buy from thieves? Uou are keepimg peoples cameras which are in for repair unless they pat for the repair again You are not honouring gift cards, deposits and even if you have made full payment for a camera they want you to pay again.

Pay Twice

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A solution looking for a problem !

I'm not quite certain where you've gotten some of your information from, but most of what you have said is simply not the case.

If a customer has a repair with us that requires paying for (we have always taken in repairs that are outside of their guarantee period, which thus require paying for), and it is in store, then any outstanding balance needs paying for before it can be given back to the customer, same as it was before we went in to administration.

If a repair is at the repairers, then it won't be coming back to the store, but we will hand over the repairers details so that customers can organise the completion of any work neccesary, and sort out payment directly with the repairers

We are NOT charging anyone for manufacturer guarantee repairs, and we a re NOT double charging for work already done.

And no. we aren't currently accepting gift cards, but this is fairly standard practice for a retailer when they go in to administration from what I'm aware, and hopefully that will change in t he immediate future.

We are also most certainly NOT charging people twice for cameras. If a customer has already paid for stock that we have ordered in for them, then unfortunately we can't, at the moment, release that stock to them, but we would not ask them to pay for it again.

If a store is doing any of the things that you have implied, then I would suggest contacting our head office on 0845 337 0100, and they will be able to resolve the situation for you.

I also forgot to mention on any of my previous posts, that obviously anything I type are my own words (typos and all), and do NOT under any circumstances reflect the views and opinions of my employers (although I'd hope that they would join me in praising people's Pentax purchases

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