How to delete a photo from Forum?

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Re: Think again ...

sjgcit wrote:

The internet doesn't do "I changed my mind".

If you publish it, it's there for ever.

If you're not happy with DPR's T&Cs then take the matter up directly with the editor or your legal council, because the moderators are just users who volunteer their time. We can't fix your issue.

The best way to think of the internet is like a newspaper. There are always going to be copies of what you posted to that big messy newspaper and you cannot undo it.

In short - you publish it - your problem forever.

You mean (for example) statements such as the following ?

sjgcit wrote:

You don't post images, you post links to images.

To remove the image from the forum you just remove the source of the image - the place it's stored on the web.

You can store images in your gallery ( which you can manage yourself ) or on an image hosting site ( like Flickr ) which, again, you manage yourself.

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