time management, motivation ?

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Re: time management, motivation ?

The question is timeless, and it comes down to being a business owner. The vast majority of photographers spend most of their business time looking for work, then there is studio time, as in cleaning, prepping and improving things. Only about 10% is spent shooting, if that.

Down time can be a killer, and I think that is your question. For everyone that is different, but I feel somethings are universal. Spend some time everyday improving your business. New software, vacuum, mop the floors, etc… The most important thing though is to always work everyday on something photo related.

Motivation can be more difficult, I have found for myself, looking at successful projects does the trick, it inspires, and hopefully I find fault. An hour or so of looking at old projects make me realize how I could of done it better, I think some more, I sit and look, and before I know it, I am chomping at the bit. ----- I have a solution and am motivated again! Before you know it,  I am breaking out the strobes at 3 in the morning, and proving my idea. Is my trigger as fast as my needs, can I use a optical trigger behind a soft box, if not how can I make it so. The logistical problems always are in the mind of a photographer. Can I shoot directly into a soft box? YES! If I open up the Aperture, can I avoid any detail in that soft box? YES. High key, low key, commercial, crap for craigslist. Hours of frustration. That dang highlight that won't work like you need it too. Problem solving, snacks, letting the strobes cool. A beer never tasted better.

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