Darn! A dust bunny after 3 years on my D300s!

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
David Lal Forum Pro • Posts: 10,337
Re: Darn! A dust bunny after 3 years on my D300s!

JimPearce wrote:

Still none on my five year old D300. Okay, I did use the blower once, and I'll try the blower on the D300s tomorrow. And all of my lenses are sharp as a razor without calibration - on both cameras. Surely this performance is a result of some deficiency in the technology, such as low resolution?

Nothing to do with megapixel count. Just get yourself a tin of D7K sensor oil and squirt that into the mirror chamber and you'll be OK, should also enhance the in-camera soft focus effect too.

Coincidentally I wet-cleaned (Eclipse + home-made Pec Pad swab) my D300 yesterday. Nothing to it - I've been cleaning my D70 since 2004 about every 6 or 8 weeks and am not a believer in puffing about with a blower (where does the displaced dust go?). I bet you have more dust bunnies than you think you have ...

Good luck, anyway.


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