How to delete a photo from Forum?

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Re: Copyright infringement

quadrox wrote:

This appears to be a clear case of copyright infringement, especially since the user is not notified off this practice in any way. Posting a link is not the same thing as giving permission to create a copy and distribute it. I am extremely dissatisfied with this situation.

The button is called "Insert/edit an image from the web".  It should be obvious that if you "insert" a 6000x4000 11Mb original but it shows up here less than 800 pixels wide that a copy has been made.

BTW, do you know how many copies of an image are made just using "normal" http?  There may be an original, a cached copy on the local web server, a cached copy on one or more proxy servers, a copy on the local disk of the viewer and the final copy on the screen of the local viewer.  These are all copies you have given (implicit) permission to be made by publishing the URL of the image.   Note that some of those proxies and services may even change their copy by resizing and compressing it.  It's just how the web works.

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