Tribute to M43 tread!

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Re: Tribute to M43 tread!

No but imagine you are on a safari in Kenya taking pictures for a customer.

If your cam or a lens fails and you are shooting Canon or Nikon you can call CPS in Nairobi and have a good chance to get replacement equipment flewn in within the next 24 hours.

That would be beneficial

Additionally with mFT most of your action shots of hunting cheetah and fighting lions will be out of focus (you will have some keepers too but NOT enough)

No they will not, I have seen plenty of great Lionshots from safari on this forum. The lion is pretty big, and it is not like it is lightnig fast like insects compared to their size.

Same is true for olympic games and other sports events, ......

Not true, so many great Pictures from the G5 from a well known photographer this last Olympics.

Some pros could easily cover everything they need with mFt but for sure not all of them.

We are pretty close now, give it two more years and we are there for all.

FF is nothing more than decadence for most pros.

No, it is simply very often the best tool for the job, the tool the customer requires, the tool they already own including high quality glass.

In that case of huge print, I agree. In most other cases I dont.

Rant OFF, i love mFT and my back loves it even more


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