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Re: Why? What is so special (to you) about RX1?

+1 here. Would rather get the x100s. Though no one outside fuji really knows how well the x100s performs compared to the rx1, a few things certain which makes the x100s more appealing is the hybrid viewfinder. The RX1 does not even have a viewfinder which looses its 'professionalism' as a full frame. Another thing is the price. If you add the price of the viewfinder to the rx1, the RX1 would almost be thriple the price of the x100s! Though DXO has given the rx1 an extremely high score, I cant say I am sure I want to pay over $3000 for one. I guess other than the huge sensor I am paying for the zeiss lens.

And lastly who knows if the x100s would have the great high ISO of the XE1.

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