Just bought the Sony NEX-6

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Re: Just bought the Sony NEX-6

Just a habit from shooting for clients, they won't understand or accept why I shot everything on one card. Seen a few pros lose clients from card failure.

Video is for the most part longer and intentional, for which I would use a dedicated sd card. This is of course not always practical, just something to consider.

Personally I would max at 16GB.

Well as a pro with clients that makes perfect sense...good decision. For me, for personal use as an amateur (no one in their right mind would pay me to take photos :)) I'd go 64GB but I have two 32 cards so I am OK.

I don't haul my laptops on vacations anymore and I can't exactly transfer the files to a tablet that has even less space then I do with cards. Btw there should be some portable drives on the market with the ability to transfer files from the card without a computer...wouldn't be a bad thing for a pro to have around. Fill the card and pop it into a good size drive to backup.

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