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Re: Mirrorless and AF speeds as a limitation

Hi (again)

It's notable how many people in this thread and others have cited slower AF speeds as the reason the mirrorless cameras aren't as versatile as their DSLRs.  I agree that it's true today.  However, this very week we've seen new Fuji cameras with what appears to be a massive improvement in AF speed.  I don't actually know how these new models compare with a good DSLR - quite probably they're still slower.  OTOH, DSLR PDAF has had thirty odd years of development.  On-sensor PDAF development might have had two years development.  We can't yet say whether or not the gap between DSLR PDAF and on-sensor PDAF might be closed.  Perhaps it's even possible that on-sensor PDAF may be faster?   In which case the AF speed might not be a limitation at all in the future.

The only technical limitation that I can see that that I don't think CAN be made to reach the speed of a DSLR is the lag between an event and its display in an EVF.  Mirrorless cameras that use an EVF (not an OVF) will always have to take a small but finite time to process the event and display it in the EVF.  Optical is always instant.  If a photographer (taking sports, wildlife, etc) needs split second timing then a DSLR with an OVF may be the only solution.

Interesting times  -  good for us photographers.

Cheers, Rod

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