HS50 vs X-S1

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Re: HS50 vs X-S1 is the whole problem...

mwhyte wrote:

I have to agree...

I have said a few times...I believe the 1" sensor to be an ultimate sweet spot...a spot where you could do 12 - 16 megapixels and still have a pixel sensor size large enough for adequate dynamic range and low noise to 1600 or even 3200 iso...without having gianormous zoom lenses that weigh a tonne....ever see those bird photographers with those beastly lenses...attached to their DSLR's...I admire them...but I could never do it...

Any lens experts out there? I would be curious to know how much larger a 24-400mm equivalent lens would be with a 1" sensor as compared to a 24-624mm lens attached to a 2/3" sensor...

I would even be willing to accept a slightly larger lens for more zoom...with a 1" sensor...

My personal two cents is I doubt Fuji will do it...if what everyone is saying is true and the X-S1 was not a huge seller than why would they invest in a new sensor when they could just take the money invested in a current sensor like the one in the X-20 and use it in an X-S2 and save a tonne of money on R&D...to save even more money they could use the same lens...

Like a broken record...I keep saying I will just be happy if they do put out an X-S2

If I was to place bets on which company might put out a 1" sensor bridge zoom camera my money would go to Sony....They have already used the 1" sensor to great fan fare on a compact...so why wouldn't they try it on a bridge camera....maybe not as they might fear it would eat into their DSLR market...and lenses...

All the more reason for FF to introduce a 1" sensor bridge. They don't have any DSLR cameras or lenses to compete within there own bridge market. Plus they are the only one with manual zooms, which I find paramount for my tastes as well.

It just seems prudent that at some point, if FF are gonna produce a large DSLR size bridge zoom, then dump these pin head sensors and get on with a larger sensor. The 1" does seem large enough for a vastly improved IQ and small enough to possibly allow for a 24-400 range lens.  I'm not sure a 24-200 would entice enough interest, but even a 24-300 might.

I imagine I'm getting myself all jacked up for nothing. But its always fun to dream.

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