Capture NX2 / Aperture workflow on Mac

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Re: Capture NX2 / Aperture workflow on Mac

I completely understand this issue you are having... I'm having the same. I upgraded to a D800 and quickly noticed that Aperture struggles with these NEFs. Not sure what it could be but I have not seen this before with my older Nikon DSLRs. After researching a bit online it seems unanimous that NX2 is the best at reading the NEFs right out of the camera. I just downloaded a trial of NX2 and tried it out with one of the worst exposed photos from a recent trip (bright sky, backlit and nearly silhouetted faces). Please take this in stride, I'm brand new with NX2 yet I have been on Aperture since the beginning.... NX2 was far superior at pulling out the faces with natural skin tones while bringing back the blown out clouds. Amazing to say the least and this made me really appreciate the true power of a RAW file. I tried the same with many many more tricks and sliders on Aperture and still couldn't achieve the natural tones and better overal lighting in the image.

What Aperture was better at... it kept the sharpness in the image. You could still see sharp hairs on heads, eyelashes, etc. But it took so much more time which is what I'm trying to get away from. Aperture also has an excellent management system in my opinion with keywording, organization, watermarking, exporting to my site, etc. So I'll stick with aperture for this and the general sliders but I will now try to start things off with NX2.

I still don't know how I will do this... I'm sure it's possible. McNally blogs about his workflow being NX2-PS-Aperture. Does this mean he is working 100% with Tiff files? Are these a huge memory drain? I'm worried Aperture which struggles with my 40mb nefs will explode when I introduce 200 Tiffs at a time.

Also, any suggestions for working 200 images through NX2 and then into Aperture? Any tips and trick on a smooth workflow would be appreciated. I've spent years trying to get it right in the camera so I can reduce the amount of time I spend editting on the computer so I'm not happy to have to introduce NX2 but in my opinion it makes a huge differnce in quality so I'll do it but would love to do it efficiently.

Sorry for the essay but nice to see others with the same issue and also I hugely appreciate you ideas and thoughts.


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