sharpeness of stars on Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 at infinity

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Re: sharpeness of stars on Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 at infinity

I own the 14-24mm f/2.8 and the D700 Body. It is true that you can focus beyond infinity. I suspect that you're trying to get a lot of sky in the shot, hence the use of the lens, but there is two things you need to watch. For one, the lens at 14mm is going to make everything quite small, that is why you may not be getting a lot of motion blur, as it's so far away (lens apparent). Two, because you're so wide, you're not going to be getting a discrete piece of sky, and have a very high chance of getting a little after glow from the sun or moon or whatever including airplanes.

Here is how I would handle it, stop down a bit, say to f/5.6, DO use noise suppression in camera,  and jack up the ISO a few hairs. Process the images in Nikon's software, and then bring them into PS as a TIFF.

Here is why. Stopping down a bit will make focus errors slightly easier, but won't affect to any major degree the exposure time. By increasing the ISO, it will allow a slightly faster shutter, and negates the slightly slower aperture. The in camera noise reduction is a fairly good deal, I would do it. The most important thing though is the native software, it will reduce noise far better that any post programs like PS. Remember that Adobe products must guess at what they must do, but Nikon's software, can access things that Adobe simply can't see.

In the vast majority of cases, shooting with a wide lens allows one to get much closer to the subject, and unfortunately many people confuse this with being able to get a huge amount of area instead. Shooting astro at 14mm is really not the best application for that lens, but its all about making it work. Best of luck

p.s. if you want star trails, stop way down and use bulb mode. Use a fresh battery too, as it just kills batteries.

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